Community Funn Clubb

Community Funn Clubb

Here at the FunnClubb we make it a priority to make sure that your kids benefits from more than just our classes. We want to build a clubb full of familiar faces and a safe comfortable atmosphere.

To enable the funnclubbs community feel. Throughout the year we have free one off events such as.

Christmas Parties (FunnClubb members only)

This rounds up a funn year at the FunnClubb, and allows our classes to get together and have a funn party. We play a few sports games at our Christmas parties as well as conducting a secret Santa so that all kids receive a present to take home and open on Christmas Day. With loads of food and drinks, it’s a time for the parents and kids to get together and celebrate during the festive season. Christmas parties also allow us to give out Star of the term trophies to the kids that were brilliant though out the Autumn Term.

Parents Matches

Every once in a while the parents have a competition with the coaches. As competitive as it is for everyone involved, it’s also a funn day out for families and allows us to fundraise for other community events. Competitions involve football matches, sports days, tournaments etc. 

Family Funn Days

Our family funn days give a chance for the kids and parents in the community to have a chance to be coached by our fantastic coaches. We often have a sports day during our family funn days, giving it that competitive feel. It doesn’t stop there though. Parents get involved during our funn days by helping count scores, or acting as coaches to help the kids and sometimes even joining the activities along with other parents.

Fundraising events

The FunnClubb often run fundraising events alongside charities and youth clubs such as Young Hackney to help better the lives of those in different communities. These events are different all the time and can range from dance shows to football tournaments. All the money we raise from these events go directly to helping better communities in and around the area.

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