Early Learning FunnClubb

Early Learning Funn Clubb

For nurseries and primary schools

The FunnClubb teach in and around Hackney and Tottenham teaching kids as young as 15 months the importance of physical education and structuring fun activities during our clubs that physically engage them. We’re able to plan clubs for primary schools and nurseries that align with the curriculum. We teach these classes in our own Funn way. With enough enthusiasm and passion for sport, bound to be received by the children


Build clubs around schools schedule


FA Qualified Sports Coaches


Enhanced DBS Sports Coaches


First Aid Coaches


Own equipment

All of our coaches have worked in a school setting before. The experience that has been gained from this, allows us to plan well structured clubs that fit around different school times. We offer

Breakfast Clubs

As well as allowing parents to drop their kids off early, giving them some time to get to work. Our breakfast clubs are well suited to children that want to learn different sports in a safe, fun environment. Breakfast clubs are very popular with children who want some more time honing their sports skills and social skills. We run an array of different sports before school including Football, Boxercise, Badminton, Multi-sports etc.

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After school clubs

We offer provision for after school. Again we switch up the sports we provide. Multisports is very popular among the young ones as it gives them a chance to take part in an array of sports. Just because the school days ended, doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

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Lunch Clubs

Probably the children’s favourite time in a school day as the kids get time to socialise, run around, play together. Our lunch clubs are engaging and most importantly Funn. We believe that lunchtimes are strictly for making sure the kids have a good time with their friends in the playground. As a result of this we organise competitive sports for the kids. We change the sports we do on a regular basis to make sure the kids have a full understanding of loads of different sports and also to give them an insight into sports they may not have played before.

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The FunnClubb offer provision for nursery children 4 days a week. We understand how hard it can be to get these Babyballers organised and listening. However we’ve built up such a great reputation within the community because of how much fun these little ones are having in our classes. The main reason why so many nursery children love our classes is because our sessions are innovative. We incoorparte different aspects of learning into our classes. Such as learning numbers, colours and shapes. After a few weeks most of the kids are well in tune with most of the games we play. Keeping the class under control won’t be a problem as we have 2 coaches for every nursery class. One to lead the session and one to assist the sessions. We know the kids will love the classes!

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