Welcome To Funn Clubb Children’s Football

We pride ourselves in providing a funn and safe environment for kids to play sport. Whether your child is just starting out or very confident in playing football, Funclubb welcome all abilities.

Where are The Funn Clubb based

London Fields, Hackney

The Funn Clubb started in London Fields and now coach over 150 kids every week at this venue. To find out what services we offer at this venue, visit the booking page.

Clissold Park

FunnClubb run sessions in Clissold Park. Most of the classes at this venue is for kids aged 15 months – 4 years old, but we’re always growing and looking to take on more kids of different ages,

Down lane park, Tottenham

We recently started running sessions in Down Lane park for kids aged 15 months – 4 years old on Sunday afternoons. Just like all our classes, its Funn, Funn, Funn

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Why Funn Clubb

The FunnClubb offer sports classes for kids in Hackney and Tottenham. We pride ourselves in creating a fun and safe environment for kids to improve their sporting ability. We think that if we can keep your child engaged and having fun they’ll always be improving. We’re much more than a clubb though, we run loads of free one off events throughout the year such as sports days, family fun days, parents matches, parents football etc. By doing this we create a community full of happy parents and happy kids, creating our FunnClubb family.

What People Say

So much fun, I love seeing my sons confidence grow from being so shy to start.
Thanks for another great session Coach Reuben. My daughter has fell asleep holding unto her certificate
My daughter loved this week, so nice seeing her come out of her shell now she knows what to expect

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